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NVIDIA Redstone GPU Baseboard, 4x A100 40GB SXM4 (Complete System Only)
Product no.: S-GPU-HGXA1004-GPU
Manufacturer no.: GPU-HGXA1004-GPU
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Technische Details



NVLink NVIDIA Tesla A100-40-SXM4 (Ampere) Graphic Computing-Prozessor [GPU], 40GB HBM2, max. 156 Tensor Core TFLOPS Deep Learning, 19,5 TFLOPS Single Precision floating point performance (peak), 9,7 TFLOPS Double Precision floating point performance (peak), 6912 single precision CUDA Cores und 432 Tensor Cores/GPU, Verbindungsbandbreite mit NVLink: 1,555 GB/s, NVIDIA NVLink 600 GB/s, PCIe Gen4 64 GB/s, 400W TDP (typical), passiv, #GPU-HGX A100 4-GPU


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