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Client Solid State Drive Storage
Energy-efficient and high-performance SSDs for Desktop PCs, Notebooks und Workstations

It"s high time for high speed!
Experience the performance of the next generation. With very little effort your system or your notebook will become a sprinter. The system startup will be greatly accelerated, applications will load much faster, and what"s more, the whole system will run cooler and super silent while ensuring maximum data security.

Learn more about the huge range of the newest SSD products by leading manufacturers. Be it with a SATA or PCIe (M.2) interface, we will provide you with the ideal product which entirely meets your performance requirements.

The right SSD for every use case!
PCIe for gamers and notebooks and SATA for desktops and workstations, or a combination thereof!

Are you unsure what kind of SSD your system supports?
We will be pleased to answer your questions at any time,
in order to find the right SSD for you.