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Enterprise Solid State Drive Storage
Eliminate the bottlenecks in performance and efficiency.
Reduce your TCO by means of technologically advanced solutions.

Modern applications require the right memory in order to process great amounts of data. Big data, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation have exponentiated worldwide datasets many times over. Enterprises are faced with enormous challenges. They must process data fast and effectively, while simultaneously meeting the latest security standards.

Enterprise SSDs reduce latencies significantly and increase the performance and your application"s data throughput. At the same time, your TCO (total cost of ownership)
will be massively reduced. By using Solid State Drive solutions, you will be rid of the bottlenecks in your system and be easily able to meet critical speed requirements.
Constant performance on the highest level and 24/7 availability for your Cloud environment, Data Centre or database (DB) application will become reality.

Memorysolution offers the widest range of Enterprise SSD (enterprise solid-state drive) in the industry. In close collaboration with the worldwide leading manufacturers, we have optimized our portfolio for you. This of course also includes standard interfaces such as SATA and SAS, as well as the latest PCIe SSDs as plug-in cards or in 2.5" format with a U.2 interface. As a business client, you are welcome to fall back on our experienced experts" know-how at any time. Together we will find the most fitting product for your application, since more than ever, the choice of the right SSD is the essential prerequisite for successful integration. Enterprise SSDs offer the right mix of cost, capacity and performance for applications which are most sensitive to latency at optimal and constant performance. Millions of IOPs are just waiting to be used.

Approach our experts and find the IDEAL product for your needs! Solid State Drive solutions for ALL applications and IT environments!